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Who knows flitration better than us!

NR Marines has partnered with industry leaders to develop the best filtration technology which delivers longer filter life, cleaner air, fuel, lube oil, and more significant cost savings than other types of cartridge filter media.

Filtration Solutions

Providing the Best in Engine Filtration

On-road or off-road, you can trust our filtration solutions to withstand whatever the environment throws their way. Today’s heavy duty marine applications require systems that can deliver performance, reliability and long life, ideal for Fishing, Ferry, Offshore oil rig service, or any other high hour marine application, such as main propulsion, bow thruster, genset, or auxiliary duty diesel engines. Nothing else protects, performs and provides longer life for engines than our industry-leading filtration solutions that are both cheaper and cost effective for your pockets. We have partnered with Walker Engineering Inc, USA to deliver you the best air filtration solutions that the market has on offer. We have specially designed systems that meet the intense demands of the Coast Guard, Navy and Air force as well as allied forces that have been packed with countless diesel engine applications

On-Board or On-Shore, Breathe Easy with
NR Marines Filters

We offer filters for a range of marine engines, z-drives, generators and compressors – plus hydraulic filters and accessories for boats and stevedore equipment.

Lube Oil Filters

Heavy-duty components – like baffle plates, springs, seams, housings, liners and springs – all contribute to creating filters that are built to last and built to perform. We offer a full range of lube filters for popular heavy-duty on- and off-road engines. Our filters Removes more than 90% of contaminants that are 10 microns or larger (cellulose filters typically remove 50% or less)


NR Marines offers the choice of OEM bowl style service filters, providing the flexibility to choose the filter system that you prefer. Our easy-to-convert kits contain all the components you need to change over to our fuel filter water separating system – with the performance you’ve come to expect from a NR Marines filter.


We offer a complete line of hydraulic filter heads and housings for low, medium, and high pressure applications. Spin-ons and cartridges are available in a wide range of filter medias.

Air Filters

Today our air filters are setting new standards in filtration quality, coverage and performance we cater to replacement filters for popular air intake systems that meet or exceed application requirements.


NR Marines engine exhaust clamps effectively minimize noise and exhaust gas leaks in medium and heavy-duty diesel powered equipment.

Why us?

Now over 100 quality filters + complete filter housings

Our filters have been tested and proven in the heavy duty off-shore applications

Quality filter elements in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials with dia ranging from 3” to 4.65” and flow rate 95-840 LPH

We offer OEM products as well as high quality replacements.


All Marine Gensets

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